Therapeuten is a Doctor’s appointment website based on Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In this platform, people with illnesses can connect with their appropriate doctor for appointment and treatment according to their capability. This is a sister concern of Symptome.ch.


We were approached for consultancy for platform development and management of servers. Developing, designing various components for the project and shaping the product to client’s vision were the main tasks.


The technology primarily relies on PHP and eDirectory as directory service software.

  • eDirectory is used as a directory service network to map the names of doctors to their respective specialities

  • User Interface done with jQuery UI and Bootstrap.

  • Search Engine Optimized and spam-prevention provided with reCAPTCHA

  • User behavior tracking with Google Analytics


Theraputen was built as a scalable Content Management System platform for listing doctors and matching them with patients of various categories.

  • Doctors can sign up with their qualification (expertise in specific area) and visit fare amount

  • Users (patients) can search for doctors for specific disease at their preferred price point

  • Users can search/sort doctors according to visit price and location (Switzerland, Austria and Germany)

  • Users can rate doctors depending on their treatment and success