NikeTalk was created as a way of giving back to both the sneaker enthusiast community and to the greater global community of which we are all a part.


We were approached to design data migration software for massive volume of data from their existing closed source platform (Huddler), migrate the whole sysyem to XenForo, design various custom add-ons for XenForo, oversee complete migration. We also had to plan and execute server hardware purchase and lastly, setup and administer those servers.


The complete ecosystem has been built on top of XenForo (JS and PHP) along with various custom tools. We had to migrate a huge chunk of data (6TB+) from other CMS.

  • Platform is built on top of XenForo

  • Extreme bash shell programing for high speed data processing and migration

  • Source was in PostgreSQL and destination was MySQL (we used MariaDB)

  • One of the main goals and technical issues of the project was being able to migrate massive volumes of data at once with minimal downtime


NIKETALK was built as a scalable message boards forum platform with a dynamic feature set  of modern e-commerce shop

  • Discussion place for sneakers enthusiasts where they share about their love for sneakers

  • Options to show off sneakers and subscribe to latest updates about them

  • Registered users can sell sneakers among other registered members