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Xen Works is a collaboration between a few industry veterans who have been working with large scale, distributed software architecture. With over a decade of experience from all over the globe, we have established Xen Works to provide our clients with laser accurate solution of their digital needs.

What We Do

We specialize in developing web applications that interact with end users or manage other applications and hardware. We write highly scalable REST/Graph API backends using Java, Node/TypeScript, PHP, Go and frontends with HTML/CSS or React/Flutter. While mostly cloud focused such as AWS/GCP/Azure, we are very comfortable with barebone Linux servers as well.

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Meet The Team Members

At Xen Works, we are proud to have a small but highly efficient team. We are always looking forward to adding new talents.

Abir Modak
Abir ModakManaging Director
Abir has founded ImpEx Computer and co-founded Xen Works Limited. The former focusing on hardware import and later on system integration and software development from its infancy and as a result, he has gained noticeable experience in the said fields and business side of the industry.
He has worked on various software projects and experienced in supervising projects.
Paul Shuvashish
Paul ShuvashishTech Lead
With nearly a decade of IT experience, Paul is a Solutions Architect with a passion for system engineering alongside a strong background in highly performance critical system development.
With tri-dimensional experience to draw from (sysops, netops and dev), he strives to deliver lean, maintainable, cost-effective and highly performant solutions that will stand the test of time.
Rohan Faiyaz Khan
Rohan Faiyaz KhanFrontend Developer
Rohan is a mid level software developer who is already making a big impact in their two years of industry experience.
Rohan puts a strong emphasis in craftsmanship and strives to deliver the best possible experience to the users.
Saqib Al Islam
Saqib Al IslamFrontend Engineer
Saqib is new to the software industry, but here to stay. Possessing a strong passion for Computer Engineering and Software development and programming in general. Ranging from Full-Stack, front-end focused development and design, game development to more mathematical applications including Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Visualization.
Arefin Ullah
Arefin UllahBackend Engineer
Arefin has years of experience as a backend engineer and has a great sense for collaborative development.
Every task assigned to him is taken care of with competence. He does not back down from challenging tasks as he loves challenges and wants to expand his horizon as a developer.
Mohammad Jubaer
Mohammad JubaerJunior Software Quality Assurance
The newcomer to the team. Very passionate and eager to sharpen his software development skills.
Mohammad Shiblee Noman Ahad
Mohammad Shiblee Noman AhadApp Developer
What Ahad lacks in experience, he makes it up with consistent quality work. A relatively newcomer in this field; focusing primarily on mobile app development. With his drive to acquire new knowledge and ability to meet new challenges head-on, he definitely has a bright career ahead.
Adiat Hasan
Adiat HasanFrontend Engineer
While Adiat is very new to this field, he has tremendous growth potential and is a rapid learner. He was able to takeover a large code-base in record time and be productive from day one.
Nahid Ahmed Pavel
Nahid Ahmed PavelFrontend Engineer
Pavel took a break from software field to explore other opportunities but now he’s back. He surprised everyone with his quick thinking and adaptability proving that he is still competitive as ever.
Josephine Roy
Josephine RoyProduct Quality Manager
Josephine’s primary background is content writing and organizing website/ecommerce solutions. However, that didn’t stop her from jumping head first into this role where writing dual-language technical documentation, ensuring core software product quality, and interacting with developers everyday are core requirements. Desire to learn new things and courage to face new challenges are her defining characteristics along with dedication towards her responsibilities.

Work Culture

Xen Works has started as a remote first company with strong focus on async communication and collaboration. Iterative/Agile is our general work flow and we utilize pair programing often. We use every digital tools available to be efficient such as Bitbucket, Jira, Notion, Slack, Zoom etc. Management of Xen Works value flexible work hours and a crunch-free work environment where everyone can all grow together as software engineers.


At Xen Works, we believe in keeping the development team fully remote to enable their full potential and gain more productive hours. Flexible work hours also give the team at ease development environment. Due to remote work, we can attract more talented developers from all over the country and our employee retention track record has been great due to this flexibility.


We believe in detailed and pristine design and coding philosophy. We do not cut any corners when it comes to development and the team is always learning from their superiors about how to write clean code, how to code in the right way. Same principle is applied in the design phase as well.
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The emphasis on collaborative work is paramount in the development team at Xen Works. Team members are always lending hands if another one is in need. Sharing of ideas is common and encouraged. Thus, growth potential as a developer increases a lot, as senior team members are always there to offer their expertise and guidance.
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