Symptome.ch is a health discussion forum based on Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Symptome.ch interested in autonomous and natural abilities of our body and a higher evaluation of common sense and intuition.


We were approached to provide System Development and Server Management support. We had to maintain a site with 3 components (vBulletin/XenForo, WordPress, eDirectory). We also had to develop various VB/XF/WP add-ons as needed and help with Google Ads/Analytics.


The symptome.ch ecosystem built on top of vBulletin (and later XenForo) framework along with WordPress and a few other things.

  • WordPress is used as Content Management System and also managing blogs

  • XenForo is used as a message boards system with developed additional plugins/add-ons

  • Custom SSO between all systems.

  • Various SEO, Lots of Google Adsense/Analytics usage.

  • Barebones linux server management.


Symptome.ch is a community group to discuss different health and mental issues in our personal and social life

  • Users can register and have a SSO feature for all sites.

  • Registered users can ask for solution/identifying their different mental and health issues. Other users can solve/identify those problems in the forum as reply