bdtickets.com is a premium online ticketing portal which allows you to purchase tickets for various transportation and events


Xen Works was approached for consultancy in the development of the backend REST API and contributed the core framework that went on to power the service ecosystem.


The microservice ecosystem primarily relies on Java based technology.

  • Reactive Spring Boot with Spring WebFlux

  • HashiCorp Consul for Service Discovery / Central Config

  • CI/CD based on BitBucket Pipelines


BDTickets was built as a scalable e-commerce platform with a dynamic featureset allowing easy integration into new industries.

  • Both Traditional and Social Authentication (SSO based)

  • Robust Integration with Relevant Online Service Providers

  • Generic Framework for Payment Gateway Integration

  • Distributed Service Ecosystem for Ease of Adding New Features

  • Unparalleled Ecosystem Visibility Through Distributed Tracing and Logging