Aadi is the first-ever cross border e-commerce marketplace from Bangladesh. Aadi focuses on promoting Bangladesh and its strength in various industries at a global level. Aadi Shelai is Aadi’s sister concern for customizable clothing focused e-commerce.


Aadi needed a next generation ecommerce system to power their customizable clothing ecommerce and in near future, general ecommerce too. Fast and scalable are the two primary technical concern. In terms of feature, being able to customize clothing (such as three-piece, shirt, pant) on desktop/mobile alike is the core defining feature.


The microservice ecosystem primarily relies on PHP (Lumen) utilizing various AWS tools.

  • Lumen interacting with MongoDB

  • AWS ECS for Service Hosting and Auto-Scaling

  • CI/CD based on BitBucket Pipelines


Aadi Shelai was built as a scalable platform with a dynamic feature-set allowing easy integration into new branches of ecommerce.

  • Both Traditional and Social Authentication

  • Robust Integration with Relevant Online Service Providers

  • Generic Framework for Payment Gateway Integration (SSLW for now)

  • Distributed Service Ecosystem for Ease of Adding New Features

  • Shipping System Integration with Pathao.